Construction Services

Construction Services

With an excellent track record spanning over almost 4 decades, SRACO-Construction is classified today as a Class (A) general contractor, the highest rating in Saudi Arabia. The company’s experience encompasses construction plans’ conception, various buildings’ design, construction management, and project management. SRACO has always secured successful projects, driven by a strong dedication to meeting the business requirements having regard for accuracy, best quality, and well-studied budgets.

Image 660+ Employees
Image 25 Projects
Image 12 Services
Image 16+ Clients

construction services

  • Oil & Gas Project (Building Integrator)
  • Logistics
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • EPC – LSTK
  • Military Projects
  • Design and Build Contractor
  • Hospital Projects
  • Project Construction Management
  • Infrastructure Projects Projects
  • Residential & Compounds
  • Mechanical &Electrical
  • Installation Entertainment Project

what we offer

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